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Mac OSX - Problem With Time Capsule Wireless Backup

Temporary Loosing Internet Connections Upon Initialization Of Time Capsule Backups !

First Published :  24th of December 2009


We are mentioning this Problem here mainly for the following two reasons:


1. In order to draw attention to this hidden problem, also from Apple if necessary

This is a small error that can be very difficult to be verified, but depending on a users activities can still provide enormous damage. However, the problem for most users is hard to determine. To do so we best take a streaming application with a built-in clock, so that after several days of observation we can tell with certainty that the clock will usually stop exactly when the hourly Time Machine backup, using Time Capsule, starts. We are convinced that many users, now that they have become aware of this problem and might remember some inexplicable losses of internet connection, will find their own way to verify whether their computer is experiencing this error or not.

To verify whether this problem exist on you computer you can for example perform the following process:

Start an application with continuous data download, ergo, for example, streaming music, movies, banking applications such as streaming charts, streaming quotes, etc. If the application has a built-in clock, the better. Then you can determine when the application was subsequently suspended. Then you can under "System Preferences" compare the time of your hourly Time Machine Backups ( next ) with the times when your streaming-application usually halts.

Et voilà ! The times will correspond if the initialization process of your Time Machine Backups caused the loss of your data connection.

General temporary Solution :

The probability of connection drops can be reduced if under:

"System Preferences" > "Network" > "TCP/IP" > "Using DHCP with manual address"

you manually enter a fixed IP-Address . As mentioned earlier this is not a 100% workaround, but like this the number of connection drops could be significantly reduced to about less than half. Also one can guess in where a final solution will probably be found.


2. To Warn users of critical business applications like Streaming Charts, Online Banking etc.

Such connection drop-outs are especially critical for example for Stock Traders, Futures Traders as well as for other activities where one cannot stop a process and/or turn back to a previous state. Should someone for example generally trade the opening of the markets, he can only do so within a very tight and absolutely given time frame. Any interruption of the data feeds can make it impossible for him to enter the market due to lack of crucial information or, even worse, he can miss the exit point due to lack of data as well and/or due to lack of ability to type in the appropriate commands due to lack of internet connection. If this happens for example during a "Limit Down" situation, this can lead to total loss of fund, especially if his "Leverage" is to high :-)

Only secure solution : Switch off Time Machine's automatic backups if the next backup would be scheduled for within the critical time frame.

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Important :  The problem persists even after the "Airport Update" as per Mid-December 2009 !



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