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Apple Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Update

Apple Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Update Release To Be Expexted Earlier Than Usual !

First published :  17th of November 2009

Probably because of serious problems, resulting in a losses of data on both, hard drives as well as external data media such as SD cards in the built-in SD card slot on the new MacBook Pros, there were by far not all of the reported bugs in Snow Leopard 10.6.1 solved in 10.6.2.

Normally, the x.x.2 update is the one that makes a system really running , while x.x.1 updates, usually released shortly after a new major system release, solve just the "How Could We Misse That" bugs.

Under Snow Leopard we shall probably have to wait for release 10.6.3 to benefit from a degree of stability, that up till now was achieved by X.X.2 versions.

For example, what remained unresolved under 10.6.2 is the partially strange behavior of "Wi-Fi Connections", often even with apple routers at the other end.

What has also changed, although was not really solved, are the problems with "TimeMachine". TimeMachine will now open under 10.6.2 in most cases correctly, but runs extremely sluggish. It takes forever to show all available updates and when these will be displayed at last, it can again take a small eternity until you are able select folders or files to restore them. Furthermore, the behavior of TimeMachine is also unusually sluggish during the BackUp process. For example indexing can take forever, if the BackUp-Drive was recently changed. That can be the case if  someone is keeping a second TimeMachine BackUp. In my case this is necessary when I am traveling. Unless I wanted a big heavy TimeCapsule device to add weight to the already limited payload when flying. In such a case I prefer a 200g solution using aniomega drive with FW 800. On the other hand I prefer to remain entirely wireless at home and while in the office.

What was also not solved yet is the the problem with the "RAM", that is still to too high a degree remaining occupied by already closed applications. Here we see a similar phenomenon as on the Internet. Due to the nowadays much faster connection speeds, less and less emphasis is put on efficiency. Websites are programmed worse and worse, the images are less and less made "Webready" and exactly the same happens now with the built in memory "RAM". So here we give away a large part of the capacity gained, unnecessarily by "careless programming. Microsoft sends it's best regards". Careless and superficial programming has always been one of the main differences between Apple and Microsoft operating systems.

The first signs of a closing gap in this matter, in a negative meaning of course, already was the first "release" of Leopard. For example, there were some serious problems in Safari with certain websites, as well as unexpected incompatibilities with 3rd-party software. One example was Photoshop. We believe that such an important and expensive application like Photoshop or similar applications, should not be rendered useless without a clear indication, the emphasis is here on a clear. We generally believe, that for some important applications and functions, for example, financial applications and other applications that are used for professional activities, if they are within a certain price range, should be issued a clear announcement ( warning ) about its incompatibility. We understand that not everyone shares this opinion Anyway, a possible solution would probably be talked to death, as things use to be in politics.

With Snow Leopard, this trend has continued so far that for the first time, faithful long-time "Mac users" uttered recommendations, not to upgrade to version 10.6.2 yet, but to wait. Even worse this time, as it looks, it will be "Release" 10.6.3. or later only, that will do the job. Again, a deterioration when compared to the accustomed pace.

"One major problem is the fast growth of Apple as a Company". When 10 top people are bringing a company to success, the company will generally not be in a position to find 10-times the number of top staff, when they have reached 10-times the size. That means: more mistakes and more errors. The only way to hold against such a trend, is in any business to mercilessly control the output for quality, organized by the original 10 top people, since they know exactly what is important and where never to go in any case.

We are not there yet but the tendency is easily to make out.

Of course this was only a small portion of a large number of small and large problems with Snow Leopard, but it was our main goal to point the finger at where the journey can go from here if nothing is done, by using the above examples. The only thing we can do about it ist to raise public attention and likewise puttin our finger into the wound.

Somehow that software interacts with the router or it interferes software-wise in a manner that spoils the connection. This is especially annoying if the connection is already at limits, i.e. in Hotels where the room is far from the source and where the location of the router and/or the receiving device cannot be altered at will.

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